Benefits of using Olive Oil on your hair!

Olive Oil can be used for so much more than just cooking. It can be used on your hair, skin and body as well. Since most people have Olive Oil in their pantry, they wont have to go far to get some. Here are some benefits of using Olive Oil on your hair!

Why Olive Oil helps!

According to, “The fatty acids that olive oil is made up of will coat the shaft of your hair, helping to keep it healthy and protected.  Using hair dye, flat irons and even using hair dryers can damage the outer layer of your hair.  Olive oil will coat the damaged outer layers of your hair, giving them a sleeker, smoother, and healthier appearance.”

  • Helps fight against split ends: According to, “In the dry winter months, your hair is more prone to breakage, splitting and frizzy flyaways that make your sleek haircut look messy and unkempt.”  Use a small amount of olive oil and rub it on your fingers. Then apply it to the ends of your hair. Click here for a DIY split end treatment video!
  • Promotes Hair Growth:  According to, “The overall health of the scalp also benefits from olive oil. A healthy scalp equates to healthy hair. And the natural conditioner properties of olive oil add moisture to the scalp: an area that people tend to neglect.” Take a small amount of olive oil and massage it into your scalp first and then coat the rest of your hair, leave it in for 20-30 minutes and wash out.  Click here for a DIY hot oil treatment video!
  • Revives damaged and brittle locks:  If your hair is suffering from this brutal winter or is just really damaged and dry, use some Olive oil to bring it back to life. says, “Olive oil is your best friend in case you have dry damaged hair that lead to other hair problems like split ends and frizzy hair.” To help your hair says to, “Put the moisture back into it by heating 1/2 cup olive oil (don’t boil it), and then liberally applying it to your hair. Cover your hair with a plastic grocery bag, then wrap it in a towel. Let it set for 45 minutes, then shampoo and thoroughly rinse.
  • Makes hair shiny and soft:  Olive oil like any other oils you use on your hair will leave your hair shiny and soft after you wash it out. If your hair is really rough and course, using olive oil will really help.  According to to get your hair shiny and soft, “Replace your regular conditioner with olive oil to help bring moisture back to the hair, leaving it healthy-looking and shiny. Rich in vitamins A, E and antioxidants, olive oil helps protect the keratin in hair and seals in moisture.”
  • Combats Frizz:  Using olive oil on your hair will help tame any unwanted frizz; you don’t need a lot to do it. Just use a small amount on your hair and the frizz will disappear.  According to Heather Levin, “To get the right balance, pour just a few drops on your hand and rub them together once or twice to evenly distribute the oil. Lightly run your hands over your head to control the frizz. If you have curly hair, then you might find it helpful to just put the olive oil on your fingertips and go over curls individually.”

Click here for a DIY Olive Oil Hair Mask

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