Tips for managing oily hair!

Having oily hair can be a pain and constant struggle. Here are some helpful tips for managing your oily hair!

  • Don’t over wash your hair:  Shampooing your hair less frequently is one of the easiest ways to manage oily hair. suggests, “If you struggle with oily locks, you will want to wash them only every second day. Many girls make the mistake of over washing greasy hair with the result that it becomes stripped of nourishing natural oils. This, in turn, stimulates the sebum glands to over produce causing more oil to be released into the hair and aggravating the problem.”
  • Know the products you're using: Many hair products can cause build-up on the scalp, which can make your hair even oilier. says, “Heavy, greasy products tend to weigh hair down and make an oily scalp worse by locking in oil and adding additional oil to your scalp. These hair types should also avoid applying products too close to the scalp to avoid excess oil and limp hair.” Also make sure you are using hair products for your hair type.
  • Cold Water Rinse: After you shampoo and conditioner you hair you should rinse your hair out with cold water. says, “Hot water can stimulate the glands that produce sebum, while cold water helps shut them down. Plus cool water helps close your cuticle and reduce damage to your hair. Same thing goes for hair dryers. Whenever possible, let your hair air dry naturally, or keep the heat at a minimum. The hot hair can stimulate oil production faster.”
  • Don’t touch your hair:  We are all guilty of it, running our fingers through our hair or twirling a piece of hair around our finger. If your hair is oily that is the worst thing you can do for it.  More oil is produced when you touch or style your hair. You don’t want your hair to be more noticeably greasy because you couldn’t keep your hands off.
  • Curl your hair:  Straightening your hair everyday can spread the grease and oil down your hair shaft. You hair can appear more grease when you constantly straighten your hair. So give curling your hair a try. Or even better embrace your natural curl or wave. This will help reduce the amount of oil being spread down your hair shaft.
  • Shampoo and Condition to your type of hair: If your hair is oily, you should make sure you focus the only on your roots. That way you can cleanse your scalp of unwanted oil and grease. Then make sure to focus the conditioner only on the ends of your hair. This way you wont get the “greasy scalp and dry tips” effect.

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Hope this was helpful!

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