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Frizzy hair is an annoyance to women everywhere. Hair becomes frizzy from a lack of moisture and oils, which are necessary hair health. When strands are dry, they become desperate for any moisture they can obtain. Because of this, the hair shaft tries to open up and find any ounce of moisture. This is why hair becomes extra frizzy in damp weather. Even though frizzy hair is frustrating, there are easy ways to prevent it, and it all starts in the shower.
When you wash your hair, use cold water! The cold water closes your hair cuticles and produces less frizz and more shine. Also, don’t wash your hair every time you shower because washing can strip the strands of essential oils. Both of these solutions are easy ways to help minimize frizz. If you've washed all of your natural oils away, try using Moroccan or Argan oil. After you shower, apply a small amount of the oil to your wet or damp hair before you blow dry and style. This will help to minimize your frizz, but be careful not to use too much! Too much oil will weigh your hair down and make it greasy.

For an easy at-home solution, apply an olive oil and egg mask. Combine 1/4 cup of olive oil and one raw egg and apply to your hair. Leave this in for thirty minutes and then rinse out with shampoo and conditioner in the shower. This treatment will help restore the vitamins that your hair has lost and will help make it stronger and shinier. If you’re experiencing frizz in the colder months, rub a dryer sheet against your hair.

Keep in mind, this only works to help tame your frizzy hair in the winter, but it is a quick and easy fix, even when you are on the go. With these simple solutions that you can execute in the comfort of your own home, you can prevent frizz in no time!

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  Each new season brings news trends in hair, and spring and summer are no exception. With the warmer weather coming along, you’re probably thinking about changing your style to match the freshness of the   upcoming seasons. If you want something new but don’t know where to begin, we have some tips for you to consider.

   The first trend shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Super-straight hair will continue to be popular for the upcoming months, so don’t pack away your straightening irons with your winter gear. says that straight locks are in style, and they even suggest trying a middle part to add a touch of modern to your look. Glamour also predicts that low buns will be a hit this season. Slicked back hair secured at the nape of the neck has been the trend on fashion runways, and both loose and tight buns have been on the scene.  Ponytails are also making moves—high on the head was the trend in 2012, while 2013 is seeing lower, more subdued styles of the classic hairstyle.

   Sleek and modern aren’t the only trends being seen on the runways. Retro is making a comeback, with teased hair in beehives and accessories to match. Headbands, scarves, and hair jewelry are all things you can use to embellish your hairstyle. Bohemian braids are also big this season, according to Harper’s Bazaar. The magazine also predicts that loose waves will be popular and that the “messy” bed head look will continue to be in style.

   Over all, the biggest trend for the upcoming seasons proves to be the middle part. Although your hair may be used to its regular pattern, you should try to switch it up in order to revamp your look in lieu of the spring and summer. If the middle part isn’t for you, try a bunch of braids or loose waves and see what works!

 Written By Taylor

Thick, luxurious, beautiful hair is something many people desire, but sometimes can’t achieve. As age, the elements, styling damage, and other factors influence hair growth, thinning hair may become common. When your locks lack volume and thickness, they fall flat, leaving you with less than desirable results. If you want to prevent thinning from happening, there are a few things you may want to consider.

Woman’s Day suggests daily conditioning of the hair. Due to the amino acids that they possess, conditioners can help to protect hair from daily damage. They also suggest intense weekly treatments in order to lock in moisture and keep hair healthy. Avoiding products like gels and creams is also suggested because they weigh the hair down and make thin spots more noticeable. notes that if thinning is due to medication or stress, you will be lucky enough for it to grow back. If it doesn’t the use of Rogaine is suggested in order to provide thickness and even help with regrowth. In order to create the illusion of thicker hair, you should keep your hair short, which will eliminate the look of thin, stringy ends.

Livestrong credits iron deficiency as one factor in hair loss. In order to prevent this, take an iron supplement and add more to your diet. Harsh chemicals in permanent dyes and over-styling can also cause hair breakage, which leads to thinning, so it is wise to resist overexposure to these products and styling tools. Hair is an essential accessory, and you want to make sure yours is in tip-top
shape. Thinning hair can be a cause of annoyance to many people, and many different factors can cause it. But, there are multiple solutions that can be used in order to prevent and reverse thinning so you can achieve the thick and healthy hair you want.

Written By Taylor'


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