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Blog: August 2013

Everyone loves luscious, beautiful curly locks, but we all know it isn’t always easy taming the mane. Are you sick of knots and frizz and uncooperative hair?

We put together 7 easy tips to help you love your curls again.   

  1. Don’t shampoo as frequently because this will dry out your hair. You should condition every time you wash your hair, but cut back on the shampoo. Your curly locks will thank you!

  2. You should comb the conditioner through your hair with a wide comb when you’re in the shower. Leave the conditioner in your hair for 3-5 minutes as you continue with your showering routine.

  3. Wash and lather your hair in warm water, but rinse your hair with lukewarm to cold water. The warm water eliminates grease and dirt while the cold water locks in moisture and increases shine. You don’t want to wash your hair entirely with cold water because this can flatten your curls, but you also don’t want to wash your hair entirely with warm water because it can cause your hair to become overly porous and frizzy.

  4. Do NOT towel dry your wet hair. This will cause your curls to frizz so instead, try using an old t-shirt or birdseye fabric.

  5. Invest in shampoos that were designed specifically for curly and/or frizzy hair. Do not buy shampoos that have sulfates in them because this will only cause further harm to your curls.

  6. Blow dry your hair using a diffuser after you apply your mousse or gel. When applying product to your hair, make sure to avoid your roots/scalp. Putting product directly on your scalp will cause grease and build up. Leave in deep conditioner is also an option to maintaining your curls.

  7. Replace your current pillowcase for a silk satin pillowcase. This pillowcase is a wise investment because it prevents breakage, split ends, and tangling. It also maintains the moisture in your hair and prevents frizz. Perfect for curly, frizzy prone hair.

  8. Do NOT brush your hair when it is dry because this will cause frizz. It is wise to stay away from brushes in general. Try using a hair pick or wide comb instead.

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