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Blog: February 2014

Has this harsh winter taken the shine away from your hair and left it lifeless and dull. Here are 4 easy ways to add shine to your hair!!


1. Cold Blast

After you shampoo and condition your hair, rinse your hair with cold water. It might be uncomfortable but you only have to do it for a minute or two. Rinsing with cold water will add beautiful shine to your hair. The best part is, it’s free you don’t have to go out and buy a product. According to Misikko, “What this does is smoothes and closes the hair’s cuticle, which allows it to reflect light rather than absorbing it, making it look shiny.”

2. Deep Conditioner

Use a deep conditioner two times a week to add shine to your hair. Deep conditioner won’t only make your hair shiny but it will also help with damaged hair and/or breakage.  According to “This keeps your hair follicles healthy. Hair won’t shine unless it’s in good condition! Click here for 7 DIY Deep Conditioner treatments!

3. Natural Ingredients

To add shine to your hair, using natural ingredient such as lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and honey can do the trick. For blond hair, use a few drops of lemon juice to add shine.  For red and brown hair, use apple cider vinegar to add shine. For any hair color mix honey with warm water and pour the mixture on your hair to add shine.

4. Drink Water

Drinking a lot of water will keep you body hydrated and your hair nice and shiny. According to Wikihow, to add shine to your hair one of the most important steps is to make sure you are drinking enough water.  Drinking 8 glasses of water a day will keep your body as well as your hair nice and hydrated!

Click here for 7 homemade remedies to add shine!

Click here for a DIY avocado hot oil treatment!

Click here for 5 remedies for dull and dry hair!

Click Here for 4 DIY Hair Masks!

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If your hair is feeling dry and brittle and you can’t seem to find the right shampoo and conditioner to revive your hair, then this is the post for you. DIY Hair masks are easy to make and will greatly affect the condition of your dry and brittle hair. Here are 10 different DIY Home remedies for you to try! (These hair masks can be used one or twice a week or one a month whatever you prefer!)

1. Milk & Honey Mask

Milk and Honey both have properties that are great for moisturizing dry and brittle hair. Take a cup of full fat milk and add two tablespoons of honey. Mix it together and then pour it all over your hair! Leave it on for an hour, so it can really soak into your hair. Then rinse out with shampoo!

Click here for a video tutorial!

2. Avocado, Olive Oil & Honey Mask

Avocado and Olive Oil are also great for adding moisture to your hair. For this mask you will need one ripe avocado, one tablespoon of honey and two tablespoons of olive oil. Mix all three ingredients together. Then apply the mask to your hair. Use a shower cap to maximize the effect of the mask. Leave on from 20-30 minutes and then wash out!

Click here for a video tutorial!

3. Mayonnaise & Avocado

According to, Mayo is made up of eggs, vinegar and oil. Three ingredients that are great for moisturizing hair. For this mask, you will need one ripe avocado and 1 tablespoon of mayo. Mix them together and leave on your hair for 30 minutes and then rinse out with shampoo!

Click here for a video tutorial!

4. Strawberry Mask

According to, “Strawberry protects the cell membranes of the scalp due to its potent antioxidant effects, thus preventing the formation of hydrophobic layer on their surface that insulates the scalp from contact with water.” For this mask you will need one cup of strawberries, one egg yolk and 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Mush up the strawberries and add in the yolk and olive oil and mix all together. Then apply the mixture to your hair. Leave on for 20 minutes and then wash out with shampoo!

5. Banana & Olive Oil

According to, “Bananas are rich in tryptophan, an essential amino acid that can help strengthen hair, and potassium, a mineral which helps hair maintain a healthy pH balance.” For this mask all you will need is one banana and one tablespoon of olive oil. Mash up the banana and mix in the olive oil. Then apply the mixture to your hair. Leave on for thirty minutes and then wash it out!

Click here for a video tutorial!

6. Pumpkin & Honey

If pumpkins are in season you can use a pumpkin, if not pumpkin puree will also do the trick! According to, “Pumpkins are a great source of vitamin A which is extremely beneficial for your scalp. Moreover, it has a high content of potassium, a nutrient that helps in promoting the regrowth of hair.” For this mask you will need one cup of pumpkin puree and 2 tablespoons of honey. Combine the two and then apply to your hair. Put on a shower cap to lock in the moisture leave on for 15-20 minutes and then wash out!

Click here for a video tutorial!

7. Yogurt

The ingredients of yogurt can be very moisturizing and cleansing for your hair. According to, “Yogurt contains natural milk protein that is good for hair. The protein helps in strengthening hair without making it dull or dry. The lactic acid and zinc also stimulate blood circulation which in turn aids hair growth.”  Take 3 tablespoons of yogurt or if you prefer sour cream and massage it into your hair. Then let it sit for 20-30 minutes and wash out with shampoo.

8. Maple Syrup Mask

According to, “Maple syrup is a natural remedy for dry or super dehydrated hair.” For this mask you will need pure maple syrup and honey. Mix together 3 tablespoons of maple syrup and one teaspoon of honey and then microwave the mixture for 15 seconds. One cool apply to your hair and put a shower cap on. Then let it sit for 20-30 minutes and wash it out. Perfect for dry hair!

9. Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil has properties that are great for moisturizing hair. According to, “Sunflower oil has smoothing properties and is considered noncomedogenic.” (Noncomedogenic means it doesn’t clog pores) All you need to do is apply the sunflower oil to your hair and massage it into your scalp. Then comb your hair to make sure it spreads evenly throughout your hair. Then wrap your hair in a warm, wet towel. Let it sit for 20 minutes and then wash out.

10. Coconut Milk

According to, “Applying coconut milk on your scalp gives a cooling sensation. It nourishes your hair by giving natural moisture from roots to ends.” All you need is one can of unsweetened coconut milk. Pour the coconut milk into a bowl and refrigerate overnight so it hardens. Then apply the milk to your hair from root to tip. Cover your hair with a shower cap and let it sit for 20 minutes. Then rinse out as usual.

Click here for a video tutorial!

Hope these DIY Hair Masks were helpful!

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It is important to know what type of hair brush you are currently using and if it is good for your hair and hair type. Different brushes can help achieve different styles with your hair. 

  • Paddle Brush:  Usually made from plastic, timber or ceramic. They are great for smoothing and detangling hair. According to, “A paddle brush will save the day when it comes to brushing out thick tangled hair.  It is also used to smooth long thick hair when blow drying. A paddle brush is also a wonderful tool for massaging and stimulating the scalp. “Click here for a video tutorial on using a paddle brush.
  • Round Brush: Usually have wooden or plastic handles with grips for good traction. They have a round metal barrel for more movement. According to, “Round brushes are made to give you body and movement wherever you need it—be it volume at the root, a bend in the middle of the hair, or a nice natural curl at the bottom.” They come in various sizes to create all different kinds of looks.  According to, “Round brushes are great for volume because their shape encourages root lift. So if you want a smooth, volumized blow-dry, this is the best brush.” Click here for a video tutorial on how to use a round brush.
  • Ceramic Brush:  usually round shaped but different from a round brush. According to, “A ceramic brush is like a vent brush in that it allows air to pass through the brush while you are blow drying.  This causes the ceramic to heat up which leaves the hair smooth, shiny and free from frizz.” A ceramic brush is great for achieving waves and curls. Ceramic barrels/ brushes are good for your hair because they maintain a gentle, healthy level of heat to the hair. They also are great for eliminating frizz.
  • Vent Brush: can be round or flat, with bristles in-between each vent or opening. Vent Brushes are good for creating volume at the roots.  According to, “The vents between the bristles increase the flow of hot air to the hair which reduces drying time and enhances the style. This brush is not ideal for use on hair that has flyaway’s or is prone to static frizz because it won't help smooth or aid in styling.” Click here for tips on how to hold a vent brush.
  • Cushion Brush:  works great with medium-long hair and is very similar to the paddle brush, but has a soft cushion. Never use this on wet hair; it will cause damage and breakage.  According to, “The air-filled cushion conforms to the shape of the scalp and “absorbs” any shock that may arise out of harsh or intensive brushing. Cushion hairbrushes are therefore meant to be used on delicate hair that needs gentle styling.” Cushion Brushes are good for medium- long hair because they prevent hair from being stretched, split or broken.
  • Flat Oval Brush: This brush is great for people with fine hair. It can be used to stimulate the scalp and spread the hairs natural oils throughout the hair. It can create a ton of shine and is good for brushing out curls or waves for a softer look.
  • Wide Tooth Comb: are perfect to use on wet hair. When hair is wet is it more fragile and prone to breakage and damage.  It works great at detangling hair. When your hair is wet you should start at the bottom and work your way up the hair shaft. It is good on all hair types.
  • Teasing Comb: are great for adding volume to hair. The bristles are close together and some have a pointed tip. To learn more about the teasing comb, click here.

Click here for a video tutorial on using different hair brushes.

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If you feel that your hair is lifeless and has no bounce to it, this is the post for you. Adding volume can be easy if you know what to do! Here are some helpful tips for adding MEGA volume to your hair!

  • Remove any hair build up. Use a clarifying shampoo once a month to get rid of product build up in your scalp. Product build up can be caused by anything you use on your hair such as shampoo, conditioner, moose, gel, hairspray and leave in conditioner.   By getting rid of build up your natural volume will reappear.
  • Use the right volumizing shampoo and conditioner. Before you buy shampoo and conditioner research to find which volumizing products will work for your hair type. It is important to know that some volumizing conditioners make you hair your hair thicker instead of adding volume. So be careful!
  • Before blow-drying your hair, use a small amount of volumizing moose to get extra volume by your roots!  Also when blow drying, “Put your head upside down and brush again and again with a large bristled brush. Get your head up and blow dry aiming at the brush. It can give you instant touch of bounce.”
  • Layer your hair. By adding layers your hair won’t be all the same length and the shorter layers add bounce and lift to your hair. It will also give the appearance that your hair is thicker and have more texture.
  • Use a teasing comb to add mega volume. Take a section of hair and use the teasing comb to back comb the hair towards the roots to add volume. Then use hairspray to add extra hold and support. Click here to watch a step by step tutorial on how to tease hair.
  • Coloring your hair will also add volume to your hair. According to, “Coloring your hair actually adds volume to it by coating the strands with the color. A good stylist can play with right amount of coloring, and play with light and shade to add an illusion of volume on hair.”
  • Maegan Tintari from suggests “After washing my hair, I flip it a few times {once in the shower and then a few times when I'm out} and then ultimately towel dry it haphazardly and wrap it up for 10 minutes or so to dry out a little bit on its own.  The flipping separates and texturizes at the same time, while lifting my roots up a bit and ridding excess water.”
  • If you are having trouble adding volume to your hair, use hair rollers. According to, “The size of the roller will determine how much curl or volume you want. The smaller the roller, the tighter the curl. Larger rollers will give you more wave or volume.” Click here for a video tutorial on how to use rollers.
  • Curl your hair. Whether you wear your hair is naturally curly or you have to curl it with the curling iron. Curly/Wavy hair has more volume to it then straight hair does. Make sure to curl your roots as well for added volume.
  • Change up your part! If you usually have your hair in a middle part, switch it up and try out a side part.

Click here for a tutorial on how to add volume to straight hair!

Click here for a tutorial on how to use Velcro rollers to add volume!

Click here for a tutorial on how to get mega volume!

Hope these tips were helpful!

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When choosing to color your hair it is important to understand the difference between semi-permanent and permanent hair dye. The most important question you need to ask yourself is how long you want the color to last and how much of a change do you want.


Semi- Permanent hair color will last from 6-12 washes. It is a great option for people who are dying their hair for the first time or trying to get rid of grey hair.  It contains no ammonia or peroxide so no color is deposited into the hair shaft. According to, “If you're looking to subtly deepen your natural hair color or add a layer of color (such as a red tone on brown hair), a semi-permanent color is your best option.”  Since Semi-Permanent hair dye eventually washes out you won’t have to deal with noticeable roots.  This is a great choice if you are afraid you may not like the color but want to experiment. Also, semi-permanent dye will enhance the shine and condition of the hair since it is not lifting the color.

Semi-Permanent hair dye is very easy to use/ apply to hair. There is no developer, which means no mixing! Semi-Permanent hair dye contains no bleach, which is a lot less damaging to your hair.  Love Your Color is a semi- permanent hair dye that contains no ammonia, peroxide and is PPD free. Love Your Color gently blends away grey hair and contains Macadamia nut oil to keep hair natural and healthy! It is great for all hair types!


Permanent hair color doesn’t wash out but it grows out, roots will need to be touched up every 6-8 weeks. Permanent hair dye is great if you want a more dramatic change to your hair. It can lighten as well as darken your hair.  Permanent hair dye may contain ammonia and peroxide to get the color into the hair shaft as well as to lighten the hair.  It can be damaging to hair due to the amount of peroxide used to lift the color.  According to Empire Beauty School, Permanent hair dye can lighten hair up to four shades but anything more than that can damage your hair.  HowStuffWorks explains to users that when using these types of dyes, “The end result is a combination of your natural hair pigment and the new shade you chose. That means the color may appear different on you than on someone else using the same color.” Permanent hair color is good for a more significant color change.

Whether you want a simple change or an extreme change it is important to understand the difference between Semi-Permanent and Permanent hair dye.

 Hope this was helpful! Let us know what you think! 

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Is this cold weather making your scalp itchy? If your dry scalp is getting you down and frustrated, this is the post for you.

What causes dry scalp?

Dry scalp is due to loss of moisture from the skin and can be caused by the application of soap, strong detergents, cold weather, product build up, hard water, and diet (example: caffeine). Signs and symptoms are itching and small white flakes that come off easily.”

Here are 6 ways to get rid of Dry Scalp!

1. Scalp Treatment

Scalp treatments are good for clearing the scalp of any product build up. They will get rid of flakes and promote healthy hair growth. Scalp treatments will provide your hair with moisture and body to dry hair. For some DIY Scalp Treatment recipes, click here!

2. Change your Shampoo and Conditioner

Shampoos and Conditioners that contain harsh chemicals are bad for your hair.  Switching to sulfate free shampoo could help get rid of your dry scalp!  Click here for 7 different shampoos for dry scalp.

3. Omega 3- Fatty Acids

The condition of your scalp can be heavily affected by what you consume. According to WikiHow, “Omega-3s are found in cell membranes in the skin of your scalp, and in the natural oils that keep both your scalp and hair hydrated.”  Eat more omega 3 (Fatty Acids) such as fish, avocado, spinach, walnuts, fish oil supplements,

4. Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is great for fighting the effects of dry scalp. It acts as an anti fungal by killing the bacteria that causes flake in your scalp. There are two ways buy tea tree oil. You can buy the oil and put 5-10 drops in your shampoo or conditioner. If that doesn’t appeal to you, you can buy shampoo and conditioner that already contains tea tree oil.  You should see a difference in you dry scalp in about a month or so!

5. Cut Down on Heat

Telling people to stop using heat all together is close to impossible for some. By cutting down the amount of heat you apply to your hair can help your dry scalp immensely.  Excessive heat can be damaging not only for your hair but for the health of your scalp too.  Another tip would to use cooler water when washing your hair, extremely hot water can not only dry out your skin but your hair as well.

For a YouTube DIY Dry Scalp Treatment Video Tutorial, click here!

For another YouTube DIY video, click here!

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For some getting a haircut can be a very nerve racking experience. You could enter the salon with a clear idea of what you want or leave disappointed with a bad haircut. Here are some helpful tips for avoiding a bad haircut and getting one that will leave a smile on your face!

  • Before you enter the salon think about how long it takes you to do your hair in the morning, your stylist isn’t a mind reader. So if you are going to go for angles and layers make sure that’s the right fit for you. If you put your hair up every day, short layers wouldn’t be a great idea. Cosmopolitan Magazine wrote an article about 17 secrets to get an amazing haircut. In terms of thinking ahead they wrote, “The bottom line: You don't want your new haircut to compete with your everyday routine.”
  • More pictures the better! By looking online or in magazines for hair inspiration will help you get a better idea of what you want as well as being able to show your hairstylist what you want. In an article by Woman’s Day, it states, “Bringing in pictures is great, but be open to adaptations that take into account your hair texture and bone structure.”
  • Before your hairstylist starts cutting away, make sure you both agree on what you want done to your hair. Don’t be silent, if you don’t like the direction your stylist is going in, tell them. It’s your hair and your money you should be happy with the results. If you have doubts don’t be scared to tell your stylist, they are there to please you. It is good to tell you stylist what you haven’t liked in the past so they won’t make the same mistakes.  According to Cosmopolitan Magazine, “"A good stylist will take into account your face shape, complexion, and features, and then create a look that best suits you, all while keeping in mind what you initially wanted."
  • Find a stylist that you are comfortable with, that way you can continue to go back to them. It is good to find a stylist that you like, that way they will get accustomed with you and your hair. WikiHow has an 8-step tutorial on how to describe to your stylist what you want!
  • In an article by, the author states, “When talking length with a stylist, never say it, always show it.” If all you need is a trim, make sure you show your stylist with your fingers how much you want taken off don’t just tell them. It is important to show as well as tell your stylist how much you want cut off that way you won’t end up with shorter hair then you wanted.
  • Product Recommendations: If you stylist recommends specific products to use on your hair, it can be beneficial for you to research them and buy them. If you usually use drug store bought shampoo and conditioner, maybe switching to the more expensive stuff can be beneficial to your hair. In an article by Woman’s Day, it states, “It’s easy to write off the salon products your stylist recommends as an obligatory up-sell, especially when your wallet’s feeling kind of empty these days. But with many of today’s layered hairstyles, using the right styling product can make a real, visible difference.”

Here is an article from Readers Digest about 13 things you hairstylist won’t tell you?

Here is a great article from TLC about 10 things you hairstylist doesn’t want you to know!

Hope these tips helped!

Let us know what you think!!

Figuring out different ways to style your hair everyday can become difficult after a while. Here are a few ways to switch up the way you style your hair. Video Tutorials Included! 

1.The Perfect Ponytail

Putting your hair up in a ponytail is one of the easiest ways to style your hair. There are so many tips and tricks that can help spice up your simple ponytail. A helpful tip would be to create two ponytails instead of one to give the illusion of longer hair. Cute Girls Hairstyles on YouTube has a great tutorial for creating the “perfect” ponytail. For more tips and tricks, here is an article by ghd.

2.Sock Bun 

If you are ever in a rush, or don’t feel like taking a long time to style you’re hair, this is the new hairstyle for you! The sock bun is very easy to achieve. You can use a sock or buy a hair donut from your local drugstore.  The sock bun can be achieved in three simple steps. First put your hair in a high ponytail on the top of your head. Second take the sock or donut and roll it down staring from the end of your hair. Finally add bobby pins (if needed) and spray hairspray to keep the bun in place! There are several different ways to achieve the sock bun.  SMLx0 a beauty guru on YouTube, made a simple and easy hair tutorial for creating a sock bun.  To create a braided sock bun for a different look, click here.

3.Heatless Waves 

Sometimes your hair needs a break from all the heat and hot tools that you apply to it. One of the easiest ways to change up your hair is to create heatless waves. These waves wont damage your hair with heat and will look fabulous for any occasion! There are several different ways to create heatless waves. Luxy Hair on YouTube has a very easy tutorial for creating heatless waves. Another way to create heatless waves is by using a headband, to learn how to do this watch this tutorial by Carly Cristman. 

4.Lace Braid Headband

If you want to wear your hair naturally or want to add something to your already styled straight or curly hair, this style is for you. The lace braid headband is really easy to achieve. If you can make a simple braid you will be able to create this very easy headband. Cute Girls Hairstyles is always coming out with unique and different braid tutorials on YouTube. For a step-by-step video tutorial on how to create the lace braid headband click here. For more tips and pictures on creating the lace braid headband, click here.

5. Curl Your hair with a Flat Iron

For those of you who don’t know how to use a curling iron, or don’t own one but want to curl your hair, this is the style for you. You can use a flat iron to curl your hair, it doesn’t matter want brand or size the iron is you can still achieve beautiful long lasting curls. To create curls with a flat iron all depends on the way you hold the iron. Also don’t forget to spray some heat protectant before using any hot tools on your hair! Linda Mendoza on YouTube has an easy and helpful tutorial on curling hair with a flat iron. Linda has a lot of helpful tips in her video for creating the perfect curls.  Daven Mayeda a hair professional on YouTube has a video on different curls you can get with your flat iron.

6.Twisted side pony

The twisted side pony can be worn for any occasion, and it looks great on everyone. It’s a nice change up from the normal and simple ponytail.  All you have to do is pull the hair to one side, twist the hair and secure it with a bobby pin and repeat that step. To achieve the twisted side pony, click here to watch the tutorial by Luxy Hair!

7. 3 Strand Fishtail Braid

This braided hairstyle is great for when you want to do something more then a simple braid. You create three small fishtail braids and then combine the three braids and braid them like normal. If you don’t know how to create a fishtail braid, click here. For a full tutorial on how to create the 3 strand fishtail braid by Carli Bybel, click here!

8.The Bubble Braid

The Bubble Braid looks like a fishtail braid minus the braiding. This is a different and very easy hairstyle and only takes a few minutes to achieve.  You will need tiny little elastics and a teasing comb to create this look. Pull your hair into a side ponytail and secure it with small elastic. Then above the elastic separate you hair into two sections and put the rest of you hair through that section. Then add another elastic and repeat that first step. Depending on how long your hair is will determine how many bubbles you will create.  For an in-depth tutorial on how to create the bubble braid, watch Nicole Guerriero’s YouTube video!

9.Bombshell Waves

If you wear your hair straight or naturally everyday, adding big waves to your hair can be a nice change. Bombshell Waves can be wore for any occasion and look great on everyone! You can use a normal curling iron or a clip less curling iron to achieve this look. Carli Bybel posted a very easy tutorial using a clip less curling iron to watch the video, click here.  To create bombshell waves using a normal curling iron, watch the video by YouTube Beauty Guru MakeupByAlli.

Hope these 9 fun and easy hair tutorials give you ideas and inspiration for your own hair!

Styling long hair can be really easy, but what people don’t realize is that styling short hair can be even easier. For those of you who are scared to cut off your long locks or just recently took a trip to the hair salon and got a shorter do, this is the post for you! Here are 5 different ways to style short hair. They are fun and easy to achieve!

     1. Smooth and Straight

To achieve this look, apply a small amount of smoothing serum to your wet or damp hair and brush it through with a wide tooth comb. Then blow dry your hair as straight as possible. Then to protect your hair from damage, spray heat protectant. Then section off your hair into smaller sections. Finally use a flat iron to straighten each section and smooth as necessary. 

Flat Iron Tip: If your hair is thin use the medium setting on your flat iron.  Your hair is at a higher risk of damage if the flat iron is on the high temperature setting.

YouTube Tutorial: Click here for a video tutorial to achieve this look!

2. Texture and Waves

Start out with dry hair; it can either be freshly washed or second day hair. Spray your hair with heat protecting spray and use a brush to spread it evenly throughout your hair. Then separate your hair into two sections. Using either a clip or clip less 1 inch curling iron (any size will do, the bigger the barrel the looser the curl) take a small section of hair and wrap it around the barrel and hold for 5 to 10 seconds (or until the hair feels hot). Then release and repeat this step until all of your hair is curled. For added texture, spray a sea salt spray in your hair after it cools from the iron. Then lightly run your fingers through the curls so they loosen and become waves.

Curling Iron Tip: You should hold the curling iron at a downward angle, so the barrel is facing down. This will make it easier for you to wrap the hair around the barrel and release it effortlessly.

For a tutorial with step-by-step pictures, click here!

3. The Quick Twist Bun

To achieve this look all you will need is hairspray and a few bobby pins.  You will want your hair to have some texture in it so this is perfect for second or third day hair. Separate you hair into two even sections. Take the section on the left side of your head and start twisting it. The tighter the twist the better, once you pin it you can loosen it. After you twist that section use a bobby pin to secure it to the back of your head. Then take the right side and create the twist. Take the right twist and bring it up and over the left twist and then use bobby pins to secure the twist in place. Then you can loosen the twists or pull some pieces out to make it messy. Finally spray hairspray to make it all hold. 

For a tutorial with step-by-step pictures, click here!

4. The Side Braid

A side braid can look amazing on any hair length and can compliment and hairstyle. All you will need to achieve this look is bobby pins and hair spray. Make a deep side part on the side that you prefer.  Starting from the deep side part, take an inch-wide section of hair and start French-braiding. You can make the braid as long as you prefer or stop it when you reach your ear. Secure the braid with two or three bobby-pins and spray the braid with hairspray for added hold.

For a video tutorial on how to create the side braid, click here!

5. Headband Crown

To achieve this look all you need is a thin no-slip headband that matches your hair color, a wide-tooth comb and hairspray.  This step is optional: Curl your hair with a one inch iron and make sure the curls are directed away from your face. Then take the headband and place it over the crown of your head (pin it in place for extra support). Starting from the front section of hair, begin twisting and tucking section of hair up and over the headband. Continue this process and make sure to fill in any gaps that appear. The finished result should resemble a crown, and then spray hairspray to hold the style all day long.

For a tutorial with step-by-step pictures, click here!

Let us know if you try any of these styles! 

Get a bad haircut recently, or just sick of your short hair. Here are five helpful tips for growing your hair out. It is estimated that your hair grows half an inch per month. When you are trying to grow your hair out it is important to have a little patience. Hair doesn’t grow long over night, it takes time. Here are five helpful tips for growing your hair out!

1.Get regular trims

By cutting off split and dead ends you will cut down or eliminate the amount of breakage in your hair.  By getting rid of breakage, the ends of your hair look thick and full instead of thin and straggly. Overtime your hair will become healthier if you get rid of any split ends and/or breakage. According to hairstylist Matt Fugate, to eliminate split ends you should get a trim every eight to twelve weeks. Jada Beauty gives more helpful reasons why you should get regular trims.

2.Massage your scalp

By massaging your scalp it stimulates the blood flow to your scalp. This in turn gets nutrients to your hair follicles at a quicker pace. According to, giving yourself a 10 minute scalp massage with your finger tips every day will stimulate hair growth. This can be done while you are washing your hair or simply on dry hair. WikiHow has a step by step tutorial on how to give yourself a scalp massage!

3.Keep hair moisturized

Avoid using heat tools and over styling your hair as much as possible. Use leave in conditioners and hair masks to keep your hair hydrated. Moisturizing you hair will not only help your hair grow but will make it healthier. Here is a great article that has five DIY hair masks that promote hair growth! Harpers Bazaar has an article with 13 helpful tips for growing your hair out!

4.Switch up your shampoo

Use chemical free hair products when washing your hair. By using sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners, your hair will become healthier and shiner due to the lack of harsh and damaging sulfates. The Huffington Post has a great article about switching to sulfate free shampoo!


5.Eat the right foods

What you consume on a daily basis has an effect on your hair. If you are eating fast food or junk food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, it will reflect in the way you hair looks and feels. By having a well-balanced diet your hair will grow faster and in some cases thicker. For a full list of foods to eat for healthy hair, check out our previous blog post!


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