The Strand Test

Whenever you color your hair you should test to ensure the best timing and coloring results.

Sunlight, perms, relaxers or other hair coloring can influence the test results.

1. When your hair is completely dry, with a scissor, cut a ¼ inch wide strand from the darkest or grayest part of your hair close to the scalp and place a piece of tape at the cut end.

2. Place the strand in a bowl. Using gloves shake the applicator bottle. Twist the cap open and in the bowl, squeeze just enough of the formula to cover the strand.

3. After 15 minutes, take the strand out of the bowl and, using a small towel, wipe the hair color from the strand. If the color is not what you were looking for put it back in the bowl. Keep checking every few minutes, for up to 20 minutes. If you have strong grays, you can leave it for up to 45 minutes. When you have found your personal color time fill it in below and keep a record for reference.

My desired hair color: __________ minutes. 
Do not use for coloring eyebrows or eye lashes. That can cause eye irritation.
-If the color gets in your eye, flush immediately with water and if you feel irritation consult a physician right away.
-If your scalp is injured or irritated do not use hair color.
-Do not mix with any other product during the coloring process. 
-This product is for adults, keep out of reach of children and do not use on children.