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If you’re suffering from dandruff, you’re not alone. But don’t scratch your head about it and make the problem worse! Try a few of our favorite natural dandruff remedies instead!


  • Vinegar! What you need: ½ cup warm water, ½ cup Apple Cider Vinegar or White Vinegar, and a cup. After mixing this together, pour it over your hair and scrub it in. Then, rinse it thoroughly with only water. Wait 8-12 hours before taking a normal shower!1

  • Listerine! You’ll need water and uncolored listerine mouthwash. Mix two parts water with one part  listerine. After shampooing, massage this solution into your hair and let it stay for 30 minutes before rinsing with water.

  • Tea tree oil! Simply add a few drops of tea tree oil to your shampoo and wash your hair normally!

  • Coconut oil! Massage 3-5 tablespoons of coconut oil into your scalp and let it sit for an hour. Works like a charm!2

  • Aloe Vera! Massage Aloe Vera into your scalp before shampooing. We always knew that Aloe was good for sunburn...makes sense that it would work for a dry scalp too!

  • Baking Soda! Wet your hair and rub baking soda into it a few times a week. After a few weeks, you will see improvement!3


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With summertime in full effect, many of us will be hopping from pool to pool without much thought. For those of us who color, there can be some repercussions of this.If you’re blonde, the effect chlorine has on your hair is obvious. It can turn hair green! For those with darker hair, the damage may be more subtle, but that doesn’t mean you should dismiss the problem! Here are some tips to avoid chlorine damage and protect your color this summer!


  •  Get your hair wet before you go in the pool! By jumping in the shower right before swimming, you are protecting your hair against the absorption of chlorine. Because your hair is already absorbing the shower water, it won’t be able to absorb as much chlorine!1
  •  Another helpful tip is to use apple cider vinegar. Take one part vinegar and four parts water and pour them over your freshly washed hair. Then, do another rinse. It’s a great cleanser and way to protect locks from chlorine!
  • Wash your hair with a Vitamin C rinse! Swimspray.com suggests washing your hair with a vitamin C rinse after swimming to get rid of unwanted chlorine residue! 
  •  Put on a rubber bathing cap! Wearing a bathing cap is a great preventative measure. This will definitely aid in protecting your hair against the harmful effects of chlorine...as well as make everyone think you're an avid swimmer!2
  • Condition before and shampoo after! if a conditioning treatment is used before swimming, it can help keep hair healthy while swimming. Also- it’s important to shampoo color-treated hair after leaving the pool!3


Take control of your hair with these helpful and easy tips! Don’t let chlorine water ruin your summer fun!


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Sometimes going to a salon and getting a deep conditioning treatment is not in the budget. For that reason, we are going to list a few of our favorite inexpensive and natural ways to ensure your hair stays beautiful and healthy!


  • Hair.AllWomenStalk.com discusses a few remedies with us. One, which is very popular, is the use of eggs. To remedy oily hair, use egg whites. To remedy dry hair, use egg yolks. Take half a cup of egg and put it all over your unwashed and damp hair. Leave the egg on for 20 minutes, rinse your hair with cool water and then clean it as usual. You will have healthier and better looking hair in no time!
  • A lot of folks have flat hair, and most of us don’t understand why. Sometimes it can be caused by unwanted residue that was left behind from daily activities or other hair products. The solution for this: baking soda. By mixing two tablespoons of baking soda with half a cup of water and massaging this mixture on your scalp and allowing it to set for fifteen minutes, you’re on the road to bouncier hair.
  • Another great remedy for damaged hair: coconut butter. This remedy is especially important in the summer months, as it helps reduce UV damage. After you make the coconut butter soft enough, apply it to your hair as you would leave-in conditioner.
  • If you struggle with frizzy hair- try avocados! After mashing up an avocado in a bowl, apply it to washed towel-dried hair and let it sit for fifteen minutes. This is an easy way to moisturize your hair and reduce frizz!
  • With yogurt being high in probiotics, it’s no wonder that it’s healthy for your hair, too. For example, another way to reduce frizz is to mix half a cup of plain yogurt and an egg together. By leaving this solution in for only ten minutes, you’ll create more manageable hair. If you simply need a good deep condition, yogurt by itself is the key. Use half a cup of plain yogurt and leave it in your hair for fifteen minutes to achieve softer hair!


If you apply these methods to your life, healthier hair is in your near future!


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Drinking milk will help build strong bones and keep you healthy, but did you know that milk can be used to benefit your hair and skin! Stylecraze.com says, “Milk is generally known for its high content of calcium, but it is a treasure of many other vital nutrients that can provide you endless health benefits. It is also a wonderful beauty aid. Milk plays an important role in overall nutrition and health.”Here are some of the benefits of using milk on your hair and skin!


According to thirdage.com, “The proteins and lipids in milk work to strengthen hair, while the calcium promotes hair growth and aids in preventing hair loss. Milk also contains other hair-friendly nutrients like Vitamins A, B6, biotin and potassium, all of which work to keep hair soft and shiny.”

  • Milk-Conditioning: You can use milk to condition your hair; it has properties that are great for moisturizing dry locks. All you have to do it fill a spray bottle with cold milk and spray your hair with it. Then comb your hair and let it sit for 30 minutes and then wash it out. Click here for a step by step tutorial!
  • Treat Dry Scalp: Since milk it very moisturizing it can be perfect for curing dry scalp. Stylecraze.com says, “Rubbing it on your scalp can nourish your hair from the inside out. Just smear some milk all over your scalp and wash off after a few minutes. This will make your hair naturally soft and silky.
  • Adds Volume and Body: If you mix together milk, an egg and honey you will create the perfect hair mask that will give your hair volume and body.  Click here for a step-by-step tutorial!


  • Skin Cleanser: Raw milk is great for cleansing your pores of dirt and gunk and will prevent further blackheads. Healthmunsta.com says, “Dab raw milk all over your clean face. Using a clean cotton ball or washcloth, gently rub the milk over your skin in a gentle circular motion. You'll be surprised to see how much dirt you'll be wiping off with the cotton ball. Do this every day for a clean grease-free supple face.”
  • Moisturizer: Not only does milk cleanse your skin but it can also moisturize your skin. Stylecraze.com says, “Milk can help to keep your skin moisturized throughout the day. You can take some raw unboiled milk along with its cream. Dip a washed cloth in it such that it is fully saturated. Apply this milk on your wash cloth and allow it to dry for about 5 to 15 minutes. Now scrub your face gently with the wash cloth for 3 to 5 minutes. This will restore the natural moisture of your skin, improve its elasticity and make it smooth and supple such that your skin looks fresh and glowing.”
  • Helps fix irritated skin and sunburn: If you have an allergic reaction to something or a cut that just won’t heal, you can use milk soothe it. Stylecraze.com suggests, “You apply sweet milk, sour cream or butter milk on irritated or sensitive skin, and allow it to dry.” Healthmunsta.com suggests, “Use a cotton ball or a soft washcloth dipped in cold milk to soothe and relieve sunburns. Milk creates a thin protein film that protects skin and cools off burning sensations. Use whole fat milk for sunburns as it contains healthy fat that soothes skin and also lubricates it.”

Click here for how to get clear skin with milk & honey!

Click here for an article on how to get good skin with milk!

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If your hair is feeling dry and brittle and you can’t seem to find the right shampoo and conditioner to revive your hair, then this is the post for you. DIY Hair masks are easy to make and will greatly affect the condition of your dry and brittle hair. Here are 10 different DIY Home remedies for you to try! (These hair masks can be used one or twice a week or one a month whatever you prefer!)

1. Milk & Honey Mask

Milk and Honey both have properties that are great for moisturizing dry and brittle hair. Take a cup of full fat milk and add two tablespoons of honey. Mix it together and then pour it all over your hair! Leave it on for an hour, so it can really soak into your hair. Then rinse out with shampoo!

Click here for a video tutorial!

2. Avocado, Olive Oil & Honey Mask

Avocado and Olive Oil are also great for adding moisture to your hair. For this mask you will need one ripe avocado, one tablespoon of honey and two tablespoons of olive oil. Mix all three ingredients together. Then apply the mask to your hair. Use a shower cap to maximize the effect of the mask. Leave on from 20-30 minutes and then wash out!

Click here for a video tutorial!

3. Mayonnaise & Avocado

According to WikiHow.com, Mayo is made up of eggs, vinegar and oil. Three ingredients that are great for moisturizing hair. For this mask, you will need one ripe avocado and 1 tablespoon of mayo. Mix them together and leave on your hair for 30 minutes and then rinse out with shampoo!

Click here for a video tutorial!

4. Strawberry Mask

According to stylecraze.com, “Strawberry protects the cell membranes of the scalp due to its potent antioxidant effects, thus preventing the formation of hydrophobic layer on their surface that insulates the scalp from contact with water.” For this mask you will need one cup of strawberries, one egg yolk and 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Mush up the strawberries and add in the yolk and olive oil and mix all together. Then apply the mixture to your hair. Leave on for 20 minutes and then wash out with shampoo!

5. Banana & Olive Oil

According to About.com, “Bananas are rich in tryptophan, an essential amino acid that can help strengthen hair, and potassium, a mineral which helps hair maintain a healthy pH balance.” For this mask all you will need is one banana and one tablespoon of olive oil. Mash up the banana and mix in the olive oil. Then apply the mixture to your hair. Leave on for thirty minutes and then wash it out!

Click here for a video tutorial!

6. Pumpkin & Honey

If pumpkins are in season you can use a pumpkin, if not pumpkin puree will also do the trick! According to stylecraze.com, “Pumpkins are a great source of vitamin A which is extremely beneficial for your scalp. Moreover, it has a high content of potassium, a nutrient that helps in promoting the regrowth of hair.” For this mask you will need one cup of pumpkin puree and 2 tablespoons of honey. Combine the two and then apply to your hair. Put on a shower cap to lock in the moisture leave on for 15-20 minutes and then wash out!

Click here for a video tutorial!

7. Yogurt

The ingredients of yogurt can be very moisturizing and cleansing for your hair. According to stylecraze.com, “Yogurt contains natural milk protein that is good for hair. The protein helps in strengthening hair without making it dull or dry. The lactic acid and zinc also stimulate blood circulation which in turn aids hair growth.”  Take 3 tablespoons of yogurt or if you prefer sour cream and massage it into your hair. Then let it sit for 20-30 minutes and wash out with shampoo.

8. Maple Syrup Mask

According to about.com, “Maple syrup is a natural remedy for dry or super dehydrated hair.” For this mask you will need pure maple syrup and honey. Mix together 3 tablespoons of maple syrup and one teaspoon of honey and then microwave the mixture for 15 seconds. One cool apply to your hair and put a shower cap on. Then let it sit for 20-30 minutes and wash it out. Perfect for dry hair!

9. Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil has properties that are great for moisturizing hair. According to about.com, “Sunflower oil has smoothing properties and is considered noncomedogenic.” (Noncomedogenic means it doesn’t clog pores) All you need to do is apply the sunflower oil to your hair and massage it into your scalp. Then comb your hair to make sure it spreads evenly throughout your hair. Then wrap your hair in a warm, wet towel. Let it sit for 20 minutes and then wash out.

10. Coconut Milk

According to stylecraze.com, “Applying coconut milk on your scalp gives a cooling sensation. It nourishes your hair by giving natural moisture from roots to ends.” All you need is one can of unsweetened coconut milk. Pour the coconut milk into a bowl and refrigerate overnight so it hardens. Then apply the milk to your hair from root to tip. Cover your hair with a shower cap and let it sit for 20 minutes. Then rinse out as usual.

Click here for a video tutorial!

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Nobody likes to have dry, brittle, or damaged hair. We created a list to help you narrow down your hunt for the cause of unhealthy hair.

  1. Iron deficiency - If you'r body is low in iron, one physical change is that your hair will become dry, brittle, and dull. Also, you may notice some hair loss or shedding. We suggest you get a physical exam and speak with your physician for further details.

  2. Over-washing your hair – When you constantly shampoo your hair, you are sucking its natural moisture out. Lack of moisture in your hair will lead to dry and brittle hair. The best solution for this is to cut back on the shampooing and invest in a sulfate free or mild shampoo.

  3. Heat Styling Tools – It may be time to take a break from our beloved hair straightener, blow dryer, and curling iron. All of these tools strip the moisture from our hair and constantly using these tools will lead to dry hair and split ends. Try to cut back on the usage of these tools.

  4. Lack of Vitamins – Healthy hair begins with a healthy diet. Without the right nutrients, your hair is prone to dryness and breakage. The top foods for healthy hair, according to WedMD are, salmon, walnuts, oysters, sweet potatoes, eggs, spinach, lentils, greek yogurt, blueberries, and poultry. Try to incorporate these foods into your diet for healthier hair.

  5. Environment – Living in a dry, hot environment will cause damage to your hair. If your environment is dry, it will suck the moisture out of your hair. You can try to add moisture to your living space by getting a humidifier, letting your clothes air dry, or simply putting a large dish of water and letting it evaporate.

Overall, there are many different possibilities as to why your hair is dry and brittle. Every person lives a different lifestyle, but at the end of the day lack of hydration is the number one factor. Whether your hair is lacking moisture from your health habits or environment depends on you.



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