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Semi permanent color is perfect for first time colors, leaving uses with no visible roots and no long term commitments. Often times we love the color so much we want to make it last longer so here are 5 ways to make your color last longer.

  1. Apply Heat to your Hair

After the dye is applied to your hair it is best to apply heat to it to insure that the color sinks in more. You can do this by blow drying your hair a section at a time, making sure the heat is directly applied to every section of your head. This will allow the color to stick more to the hair shaft and evidentially last much longer after x amount of shampoos. Of course heat is wonderful when used to sink in the color but it can also damage hair. Allure provides the different ways to minimize hair damage when applying heat to your hair!

2. Using Color Friendly Shampoos and Conditioners

Most regular shampoos/conditioners use sulfate and other harsh chemicals to remove the dirt from your hair. What people don’t realize is that it also strips away natural oils from your hair essentially causing dryness and damage. As the hair cuticle is continuously damaged it allows for color molecules to escape the strands, resulting in fading of hair color. Color safe shampoos/conditioners are free of sulfate and harsh chemicals which allow less damage and fading to result. Total Beauty provides a list of some the favorite hair color safe products out on the market!

3. Stay Out of the Sun

Not only is the sun harmful to your skin but it is just as bad for your hair! Constant exposure can dry out your hair and also cause the fading of color to occur much quicker. Using a hat, scarf or umbrella to cover your hair will allow the color to last longer and not fade out so quickly! All Women Stalk provide a list of hair SPFs easy enough to apply right before going out doors!

4.  Add Hair Color to your Shampoo

There are many products that are out on the market that are now made to help with enhancing and fading of your hair color. Sometimes you need something a little more powerful to touchup your unwanted spots. So for that occasional color touch up, you can mix your everyday conditioner with some of your left over dye. Put it in a little plastic bottle and use it occasionally to deepen the color. Type F gives you all the tips and tricks to successfully freshen up your hair color!

5. Don’t Wash Your Hair Everyday!

Your hair does not have to be washed every day, in fact the more times you wash it the drier it gets! When you wash your hair everyday you are washing out natural oils which help keep your hair healthy. Waiting a few days to wash your hair allows for these oils to sink into your hair cuticles leaving it free of dryness. The same thing goes for color, the fewer amounts of times you wash your hair the longer the color will last! Washing your hair in warm water washes away unwanted dirt but it essentially opens up the hair shaft which allows for the color to seep out. With color treated hair, it’s important to wash your hair in cold water. Cold water allows the cuticles of the hair strand to remain close so color molecules do not seep out! Allure provides some tips to avoid fading from washing your hair!


Using these simple tactics will allow for the color to last longer and also allows for the hair remain strong and healthy!

  We all heard of the "The 10 commandments" before, could have heard of them from our families, seen the movie, or even studied it at Sunday school. Today we bring to you the 10 commandments of hair dye, information we are certain, was not given to us from Moses.

 1. Thou shalt know thyself: Understand your natural color. Knowing where you are will always help you understand where you want to go.

 2. Thou shalt not try to change color that is more than 2 shades lighter or darker than your current look

 3. Thou shalt not wash thy hair before coloring

 4. Remember to always perform a strand test

 5. Honour thy box : Don’t always rely on the front of the box for color accuracy. Check the shades on the back or side for a more accurate description of color tones

 6. Thou shalt cover thy hair after dyeing : Using the cap will help the color penetrate the hair more effectively for a longer lasting, better performing color

 7. Thou shalt not be stingy with application: Especially true for those with thick hair, one box of color is not always enough

 8. Thou shalt deep condition after coloring: This important step will improve shine, add moisture and lock in the color

 9. Remember to follow the instructions that are given to you: They are created for a reason

 10. Thou shalt seek out colors that are less damaging to hair: Try to avoid products that are filled with harsh chemicals like ammonia, peroxide and PPD. These chemicals will only further damage your follicles.


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