hair dye on skin

Anyone who's colored their own hair has heard about this. It’s one of the most common problems we come across. It’s that annoying line of residue that gets left around your hairline. Here are our 5 tips to avoid getting this line in the first place...

1. Wear plastic gloves: This will keep your fingers and hands stain free.

2. Wrap a towel around your neck. Use a clip so it stays nice and tight: This prevents the dye  from running down your neck, causing unpleasant stains.

3. Apply a thick cream or petroleum jelly and coat the hairline. Imagine it as a wall of protection or barrier. Don’t forget to go around your ears too!

4. Wear a long sleeve shirt. You are better off covering as much skin as possible: This will protect your shoulders and arms.

5. If dye does drip onto your skin wipe it off IMMEDIATELY with hydrogen peroxide to prevent staining.

Source: Hairfinder
Image: Healthy Hair Stylist


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