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Benefits of Hair Oils

We hear the world oil and run for the hills, but don’t let the word “oil” scare you away because it isn’t always bad news. There are many different types of hair oils that can greatly benefit your overall hair health. Here is a list of some healthy hair oils you should invest in:

Almond: stronger roots, locks in moisture, adds shine, smooths hair follicles, add softness
Avocado: locks in moisture, strengthens hair, promotes hair growth, adds shine, deep conditioning 
Burdock:  promotes hair growth, promotes healthy scalp
Castor: locks in moisture, prevents dry scalp, thickens hair, adds shine, prevents split ends, adds softness, prevents frizz 
Chamomile: most beneficial for itchy scalps 
Coconut: promotes hair growth, locks in mositure, strengthens hair, prevents dandruff 
Jojoba:  prevents hair loss, adds softness, locks in mositure, adds shine, beneficial for all hair types
Lavender: calms irritated scalps, promotes hair growth 
Lemon: prevents dry scalp, prevents dandruff, beneficial for dry hair or curly hair
deep conditioning, strengthens hair, nourishes scalps, prevents hair loss
Peppermint: promotes hair growth                        
Rosemary: promotes hair growth, prevents graying hair and hair loss, strengthens hair, adds shine, benefiical for dry hair and itchy scalps
Safflower: locks in mositure, strengthens hair, thickens hair, beneficial for chemically treated hair or even virgin hair 
Tea Tree: prevents dandruff or psoriasis

Which benificial hair oil works best for you? Let CoSaMo know in the comments below! 

Image: http://www.youbeauty.com/hair/galleries/hair-oils
Sources: Audacitytobeyou, BGLH

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