July 01, 2015

Maintaining curly hair can take time and effort. Women who have naturally straight hair may have to worry less about frizz, but those who have curly hair might have a tough time keeping their hair smooth and moisturized! Today we have compiled a few tips that will make managing your curly hair a lot easier and leave you with the best results!

  • Know when to wash:Curly hair tends to be dry which allows you to go a few days without washing which you want to do! When you are constantly washing your hair the cuticles start to open and strip the hairs of their natural oils which will leave your curls looking frizzy and brittle. In this case less is more! We recommend only washing your hair 1-2 times a week and if you need some help with greasy roots just use some dry shampoo!
  • Use shampoo properly:On the days when you need to wash your hair make sure you are applying your shampoo correctly, focusing on your scalp! When the oils in your hair build up overtime you eventually need to wash your hair! You want to make sure that you are rubbing and cleansing your scalp with your fingertips, essentially massaging the product deep into your roots to ensure that you get rid of all dirt and oil!
  • Use the right products: Next time you go shopping for hair products make sure you are paying close attention to the labels. Some products are made especially for curly hair! These types of products focus on curly hair and use the right ingredients that will help in keeping your hair moisturized! Also, you want to avoid using any products that have sulfate or alcohol, these two ingredients will really dry out your hair making your curls appear frizzy!
  • Condition regularly: Using conditioner will help to keep your curly hair moisturized! Even if you are skipping shampoo make sure that you still condition the ends of your hair! You also want to keep up with a deep conditioning routine and oil treatment this will ensure that your hair stays shiny and glossy! If you are someone who has dry ends and frizzy curls this can be caused by the lack of moisture in your hair. You need to maintain a deep conditioning routine or start using hair masks once a week, we have written a few blog posts on different hair masks so check them out below!
  • Don't dry your hair with a towel: When you get out of the shower your immediate reaction may be to throw your hair up in a towel. Doing this actually causes damage to your hair, rubbing with a harsh towel causes the cuticles to open and make your hair frizzy. Instead gently scrunch your hair with a cotton t-shirt and let your hair air dry!
  • Let your hair air dry: Put your blow dryer away! If you feel as if your curls look frizzy and dried out when you just let your hair air dry apply leave-in hair products. Products such as hair serums, curl activating creams, moroccan oil, argan oil, coconut oil, etc. will all lock moisture into your hair without damaging it! Damaged hair means dry hair which leads to frizzy curls, so try and refrain from using hot tools when you don't have to!
  • Don't touch: If you have a habit of constantly running your fingers through your hair try your best not to when your curls are in the process of drying! Your curls will look less frizzy if your just leave them while they air dry.
  • Don't brush: Brushing your hair will make your curls frizzy! The only time you really want to comb your hair is before you shower and we recommend that you use only a wide tooth comb. When you get out of the shower try running your fingers through your wet hair instead of combing, this will cause less breakage and damage!
  • Stay away from hairspray/mousse: A lot of women who have curly hair usually use mousse or hairspray to tame their curls. These two products actually contain a high amount of alcohol which will not only dry your hair out but give you the look of crunchy/hard curls!
  • Only use your hot tools when you absolutely need to: Constantly using heat on your hair will cause your curls to lose their natural shape making them look less bouncy! If you feel that your curls are extra frizzy hot tools might be the cause so refrain from using them every day. If you need to, only use them once a week and for the rest of the days try out different hairstyles such as the top knot or fishtail braid.