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Hi Mike! Just so you know--I think the Cosamo Beige Blonde is a better product than the Clairol's and the uk brand--I thought the color was far superior and the staying power to be excellent.

Wednesday June 10, 2015


I Just tried your product and I LOVE it!!!! I have a very sensitive scalp and unfortunately pre-mature graying. I was desperate to find something that covers my grays and doesn't cause a reaction. Thank you so much for making this product. Please don't ever discontinue. Thanks so much!

Tuesday June 2, 2015


Colored my hair tonight and everytime I do I think of you and always want to say THANK YOU!!! for the best product ever!!!! My hair looks awesome and feels great!!! Most of all thanks for creating a product that does not irritate my scalp!!!!! Not to mention the best customer service I have always gotten from Sam.

Sunday Aug 24, 2014


Just wanted to drop a note to say THANK YOU. I have been diagnosed with a severe allergy to PPD. I purchased your product, did the patch test and absolutely NO reaction. I first tried the dark blonde but have now tried the beige blonde and it is PERFECT. Right now I am ordering on line and would love an email once you have the product in stores in Ontario Canada. Again, thank you.

Sunday April 27, 2014


I have been using Cosamo hair color every since another company discontinued making Medium Golden Brown #28. I now use the Cosamo version and am very happy! I'm so glad they are making it! It is so disappointing to have to keep searching for a product you like; and now I can relax!

Tuesday January 7, 2014


I love the Cosamo product. As long as they keep selling it, I’ll be buying it. It colors well and my hair actually feels soft and looks shiny. I get comments all the time on how natural it looks.

Friday January 3, 2014


I would like to thank you for introducing me to Love Your Color. I was very skeptical to try the product, since I've in countered many horrific reactions to other products. It took a few months ,before if got the nerve to try it.

I tried it & had no allergic reaction. I love it. The color is very rich & of course the price is excellent. I'm ecstatic that you introduced me to a wonderful hair color that I can use . There are so many people who are terribly sensitive to hair color & I hope that they will read this & try your product.

Saturday December 28, 2013


I just used the CoSaMo Beige Blonde #70 hair coloring for the first time.  I am totally satisfied and happy with this new product.  As a matter of fact, I like it better than the Clairol.  I actually got 3 ounces out of the bottle rather than 2 1/2.  Thank you for making this product, and keep up the good work.  I can't live without it.

Sunday December 15, 2013


I wanted you to know that I used CoSaMo Love your Color #783 Black two weeks ago, and so far, I like it. I am hopeful that it is not causing any allergic reactions, at least it is not doing so at this point; some reactions take longer to develop. Thank you sincerely for the effort you put into creating this product. I expect I will be ordering more in the future.

Tuesday December 10, 2013


Love Love the product please do not stop making this product because I get a very bad reaction from PPD. thank you for creating a great product we can all use!

Friday November 15, 2013


After using a similar product for many years and learning it was going to be discontinued, I was panicked. I not only used it for color, but for body. I needed to use it about every 3 weeks mostly for the body as I have very fine hair. I tried my first Cosamo last week and it is fantastic ! Thanks so much to your team for getting in touch with me to let me know about your product

Thursday October 31, 2013


I think your hair color lasts so much longer than expected and it was the first time I used it.  It won't be the last either.

Tuesday October 22, 2013


Can't thank you enough for carrying CoSaMo Love Your Color.  I have purchased #772 and #780  and absolutely love them.

You are a lifesaver; thanks for providing this product.  Don't ever discontinue them ! ! !

I am an extrememly satisfied customer. Have a wonderful day :)

Monday October 21, 2013

Kathy S.

I received a sample of Cosamo color in Black, indeed this was an answer to my problem and

I was able to color my hair without having a rash, itching and burning of my scalp, ears and neck.

I would highly recommend this product to others who are having difficulty with other types of

hair dyes.

Friday October 3, 2013


I'm not on facebook but have told many people about your company

and products.  Infact, I gave a few Love Your Color to my hair dresser

and she loves it.

Thank you for being a very good company.

Tuesday October 1, 2013


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