July 05, 2013

No more Fading Hair Dye!


Sick and tired of watching your hair dye go down the drain? Here are 4 friendly reminders on how to prevent your hair dye from fading.


  1. Deep condition:  Cosmetic chemist, Ni’Kita Wilson suggests, “Deep condition your hair after you dye it to offset the damage from the process. It works every time."
  2. Environment:  The sun’s UV’s rays play a large role in fading hair dye, therefore whenever you go outside remember to protect your hair with a sun hat or umbrella. Even during the winter or cloudy days, sun-exposure is still present and still affects your hair color. The environment also includes where you live and how clean the air around you is. If you live in a big city, chances are the air is filled with pollutants; pollutants and chemicals in the air can cause hair dye to fade. There are some spray products that will aid in protection against sun-exposure.
  3. Chlorine:  It’s summer time which means people are diving into pools, but before you subconsciously dive into a refreshing pool, wet your hair with cold water. Also, work a smudge of deep conditioner into your hair and for extra protection, use a swim cap. Chlorine quickly strips the color from hair dye.
  4. Washing Hair: According to WebMD, water is a major cause for fading hair dye because plain water dilutes the pigment. Washing your hair is the obvious, inevitable cause for fading hair dye. One suggestion is to invest in products that were designed for color treated hair. This will help prevent your color from fading too quickly. If you must wash your hair, lukewarm or cold water is a lot better than warm or hot water.