June 30, 2013

Long, beautiful, healthy hair is the desire. Brushing, straightening, adding countless products is the reality. If you want perfectly styled hair that is also healthy and strong, you may feel at a loss for a solution. Hair breakage is the consequence of constant washing, styling, and exposure to the elements. But, don’t give up yet! We’ll give you six ways to reverse hair damage and keep your locks looking silky and smooth.


  1. Avoid the heat! Heat damage caused by curling irons, straightening irons, and blow dryers will do major damage to your hair. Now that the warm weather is approaching, opt for air drying. If you simply can’t live without your blow dryer, cut down your usage. If you can’t resist styling tools, the next best thing is to apply a product before you style.
  2. Cosmopolitan.com suggests using a hydrating cream to shield your hair from the damage. They also mention coating the hair in a botanical oil solution and leaving it in overnight.
  3. With the summer coming, another useful tip to prevent hair breakage is to avoid overexposure to the sun! If you’re enjoying a day at the beach, bring along a hat or a scarf in order to cover your hair. Exposure to the sun causes dry, brittle hair, which can lead to breakage.
  4. Hot-oil treatment is the next solution. LiveStrong.com suggests buying an at-home kit or going to the salon to get the procedure done. The oils penetrate into the hair follicles and restore lost moisture, which is exactly what dried out hair needs.
  5. Naturallycurly.com suggests using a leave-in conditioner in order to moisture and restore your strands. The conditioner coats the hair and locks in moisture to keep it silky and smooth.
  6. Last but not least, sticking to a healthy diet is a must! Foods filled with plenty of vitamins and minerals will keep your hair nourished and strong. Beauty comes from the inside, so make sure your body is healthy and hydrated!

Strong, healthy hair may seem difficult to achieve, but if you stick to these six solutions, you’re sure to see results!