April 29, 2014

Sesame oil is great for cooking but it also has properties that a great for your hair. Divinecaroline.com says, “It’s packed with all the good stuff—Vitamin E, lecithin, minerals, proteins, and amino acids, and it is antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory.” Here are 5 benefits of using Sesame Oil on your hair!


Hair Growth:

Massaging your scalp with Sesame Oil will increase scalp circulation, which in turn will promote healthy hair growth. Stylecraze.com says, “Even when your hair has been damaged badly with chemicals, sesame oil can help you regain hair health due to its high penetrating power. And this is why sesame oil for hair growth is so widely popular.”Buzzle.com says, “A regular warm oil massage increases penetration of oil in the scalp, resulting in enhanced blood circulation, thereby promoting hair growth.”


Darken Hair Color:

Sesame oil can darken you hair naturally. Sesameoilforskin.com says, “If applied regularly, it helps to darken hair color and reduce hair fall problems.” Stylecraze.com says, “It also helps prevent and treats premature greying due to its darkening qualities.”


Moisturize Dry Hair:

Sesame oil can be very moisturizing on dry hair. Stylecraze.com says, “Sesame oil provides soothing and tranquilizing properties. Harsh heat can be damaging to the hair follicles. Sesame oil acts as a coolant working from within and nourishing the scalp in and out. Sesame oil locks moisture within, thus preventing dryness.” Divinecaroline.com says, “Not only does it condition, but it also gets rid of the frizz. Put a small drop into your palm, rub both hands together, and apply it to dry hair.”


Prevent Dandruff:

Sesame Oil has properties in it that prevent dandruff in your hair as well as kill lice and other fungal infections. It will prevent dandruff by killing the bacteria on your head that cases the problem. Stylecraze.com says, “Another less known benefit of sesame oil is that it can be used with other essential oils to treat head lice. Regular massage with the oil and rinsing with a shampoo later proves to be beneficial. Sesame oil is antibacterial and applying it on the scalp helps to keep both fungal and bacterial functions at bay.”


Natural Hair Sunscreen:

Summer is right around the corner and your hair will need protection from the harsh UV rays from the sun. You can use Sesame Oil to protect your hair from the sun. Buzzle.com says, “Rich sesame oil protects hair from the damaging effects of the sun's UV rays, thus, proving to be a natural sunscreen for hair. Not only does it protect hair from the sun, it also saves them from damaging effects of pollution