June 17, 2015

Once summer rolls around all we can think about is coconuts! Whether you're topping your frozen yogurt off with it or sipping on some by the pool, coconuts seem to be the trend of each summer! You all know how delicious coconut tastes but what you may not know is that this healthy snack usually used when cooking has great benefits for your skin and hair! Unlike other products that you may use on your hair or skin, coconut oil is free of any chemicals and 100 percent natural! We want to share all of the different ways that you can use coconut oil throughout the summer and hopefully you will become obsessed too!


  • Some of you may already be using a serum on the ends of your hair. Doing this can freshen up any hair style giving the look of smoother and shinier hair! A natural alternative to hair serums is coconut oil! This might sound funny since coconut is usually something we just eat or drink, but coconut oil gives your hair a silky texture and a lot of shine! Coconut oil can either be applied directly to the ends of your hair or as a hair mask. Just simply heat up 3-5 tablespoons of oil in the microwave. While it's cooling off make sure you have washed you hair, patting it down dry with a towel afterward. Apply the coconut oil to your hair just like you would with any other hair mask, then wrap your hair up in a shower cap. You are not going to wash the mask out so hop on into bed and let the oil absorb into your hair while you sleep! When you wake up your hair will look super glossy and slick. Coconut oil is not only natural but it is super cheap compared to other hair products, I mean you probably already own it in your kitchen!
  • Now that your hair is looking better than ever it's time to put the coconut oil to use again! Coconut oil works as a great moisturizer for your face and body! Using this as a moisturizer works better than any product you would buy in a store. It is a lot more hydrating and soaks deep into the layers of your skin strengthening the tissue underneath. Applying coconut oil to your skin will get rid of any dead skin cells leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth! Where you apply the oil is your personal preference, you can use it on your entire face, under your eyes, on your lips, etc. When applying it on the rest of your body we recommend mixing it with your favorite body lotion for extra hydrating skin! Coconut oil won't leave your skin feeling greasy or oily because it absorbs quickly into your skin giving you the perfect summer glow!
  • Ever have trouble taking your makeup off at night? Makeup remover wipes work okay but we have noticed it doesn't completely take off all makeup. Coconut oil works gently on the skin to remove any and all makeup! Removing your makeup at night will ensure that you don't break out or have greasy skin, so instead of using a wipe try coconut oil! Just use your finger to lightly rub downward on your eyes and eyelashes. If you have a hard time removing any mascara or eyeliner coconut oil will be your miracle! Also, if you leave just a little of the oil on your eyelashes it can help them to grow which is a total plus!
  • Coconut oil not only has several beauty benefits but it's a healthier alternative to using butter! Coconut oil is a saturated fat so it is great to use in the kitchen when you are baking! Although saturated fats don't have the same effects on good cholesterol, they do help with several brain and body functions! When you are using coconut oil for cooking make sure that it states on the bottle that it can stand hight-heat!