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June 19, 2015

Spent two hours curling your hair and you couldn't show it off because the curls didn't make it out the door? This is a problem a lot of women tend to have when it comes to curling their hair. Whether you have naturally straight hair or just bad luck nothing is more frustrating than spending hours styling your hair for it to only look good for about ten minutes. Well it is your lucky day because we have done some research and found a few ways for you and your curls to make it to the party!


  • Curls last much longer when you have second or third day hair. The best trick to keeping your curls looking perfect throughout the night is having dirty hair. When you don't wash your hair the night before curling it, the natural oils that built up throughout that day give your hair texture and make it moldable. You can still shower just throw on a shower cap and you're good to go. If your scalp looks greasy the next day, use a dry shampoo or baby powder and leave the rest of your hair dirty. Your hair will not only look better but it will hold better!
  • When you deep condition your hair it makes it much harder to style. Deep conditioning treatments tend to weigh hair down which is not good when you're about to curl it. So if you have an event planned try not to use any intense treatments that week, use lightweight conditioners and less products overall. You want your hair to be dirty but not too dirty where your hair looks flat.
  • A lot of women use the wrong products and that has a huge effect on whether or not their hair stays throughout the night/day. Make sure that you are using a lightweight styling lotion that will give your hair the right amount of texture. Heat protecting sprays are important to use as well especially since you will be using heat on your hair. Using this product will prevent less damage which is a great way to keep your hair staying healthy! You want to also be using the right hairspray because no one wants the look of stiff and crunchy curls. Instead use a light hairspray like the Elnett Volume Extra Strong Hold. Misting a product like this on your curls will ensure that they stay all night without making them hard.
  • This trick is for women who have naturally straight hair. When you are curling your hair instead of just hairspraying each curl as you go try the post-iron pin method. Once you have released your hair from the iron pin the curl to your head. Do this with every curl and then hairspray them into place. While they set do your makeup, brush your teeth or just relax! After a few minutes or so carefully unpin your curls and comb through them with your fingers. This tip really changes the way your curls look and how they hold!
  • If you know in advance that you are going to be curling your hair try putting braids in the night before. Depending on how thin or thick your hair is do however many braids you think you'll need. This takes about ten seconds and then all you have to do is hop on into bed. That morning, after you take your braids out, you will be left with a lot of texture and wave. This type of hair style will change the way your hair looks when you curl it overall making it last a lot longer!