June 26, 2015

Getting highlights professionally done at a salon can not only be expensive but super damaging to your hair. It's officially summer time and not only do we want sun-kissed skin but hair too! Today we have a few DIY natural hair highlighters that will cause almost no damage to your hair and your wallet! Keep reading to find out about these all-natural color enhancers that will keep your color looking shiny and bright!


  1. Lemon juice is a very common highlighter that will work perfectly in the summer! All you have to do is spray the mixture in your hair before tanning out by the pool for a few hours, when you go back inside your hair will look better than ever! We read that when the citric acid in the lemon juice heats up, your hair cuticles open and lifts out the pigment! Not only does this remedy work but it is so easy to prepare! Start with squeezing some fresh lemon into a bottle and then dilute it with water, you want to use 3 times the amount of lemon juice. All you have to do next is spray the mixture throughout your hair and have a relaxing day by the pool or beach!
  2. Chamomile tea is another hair lightener that will develop slower than lemon juice which is better for anyone who is a brunette! Just brew up two cups of chamomile tea, one for your hair the other to sip on! Once it has cooled you can jump into the shower and rinse your hair with the tea. Follow that up with your regular shampoo and conditioner and you will gradually notice a change in your hair color!
  3. Honeyis not only a natural sweetener it's also a natural alternative to lightening your hair! Honey can also be deeply conditioning so if you already have damaged hair this might help! Honey contains peroxide which is an effective lightener when mixed with distilled water. If you choose to use this remedy your hair will look lighter, feel softer, and smell delicious!
  4. This might sound shocking but beer is another ingredient you can use to lighten your hair for the summer! The key is to rinse your hair with a light beer. The B vitamins and proteins that are found in beer will also help to repair any damage your hair may already have! Make sure that you wash your hair after applying the beer and you are good to go!


Make sure that you are keeping up with any of these natural lighteners to see the best results!