June 22, 2015

Have you ever wondered why your hair gets so knotty? Brushing your hair is always more time consuming when you have tangles and not to mention it’s pretty painful to. Today we want to discuss why your hair might be getting so knotty all the time. We also want to share a few tips that could help anyone who has a constant battle with their hair!


There are a lot of reason why your hair could constantly be getting knotty it all depends on hair texture, how many times you are brushing, the healthiness of your hair, and exposure to wind. Ever notice in the wintertime your hair tends to get extremely knotty? Well those knots aren’t from a bad hair day they are caused from the strong wind and weather. We recently learned that your hair is more likely to tangle if your hair is:


  • thick and curly
  • long and fine
  • dry and damaged
  • not being combed frequently


If you are someone who unfortunately has constant tangles then here are a few tips that will make maintaining your hair much easier and less of a hassle!

  • Make sure you are not skipping conditioner. Conditioning your hair will add moisture leaving your hair much smoother and a lot easier to comb. If you are someone who doesn’t use conditioner often you may realize that your hair has a lot more tangles after you shower. We suggest that you always use conditioner on the ends of your hair because this will reduce the amount of knots!
  • You want to make sure that you are using the right type of comb. Using a brush causes a lot more damage to the hair. Although it might take less time to just use a brush, a wide tooth comb actually removes any knots more efficiently. It also decreases the amount of damage that you may be causing to your hair, which in this case is a total plus! Make sure you start at the bottom of the knot working your way up slowly and gently.
  • Make sure you don’t avoid combing your hair. If you skip one day of detangling your hair the knots are just going to build up. We recommend that you are combing your hair at least 2-3 times a day. To help reduce knots when coming out of the shower make sure you comb your hair before hand this will make detangling your hair after a lot easier!
  • Waking up to a head full of knots and tangles is not only annoying but can be pretty time consuming. When you go to sleep your hair can actually get pretty knotty! If you wear your hair in a braid at night this will reduce the amount of knots being formed. Doing this will also prevent any damage from happening to your hair at night.
  • Stay away from products that contain alcohol. Products that include alcohol tend to dry out your hair, which will increase the amount of knots and tangles. Try using products that are natural and sulfate/alcohol free. Also look for products that are made for detangling hair this will assist you when it is time to comb!