June 24, 2015

Recently we have noticed that there are several different hairbrushes being sold in stores. Choosing the right hairbrush is difficult if you don't know the benefits of each type. You may think all hairbrushes work the same, but while researching we learned that there are a variety of brushes and combs being made for certain hair textures and styles. Today we want to help anyone who gets overwhelmed in stores when they see a million brushes and don't know which one to buy! Keep reading to learn which brush you should be purchasing!


  • The Paddle Brush:This brush is the most popular and you probably already own at least one! This type of brush is flat with a wide surface area which is great to use for straightening and smoothing your hair! If you want your hair to look straight and sleek use a paddle brush before using a flat iron or blow-dryer. This will leave a smooth finish and reduce any frizz your hair has. You can also use this brush when you want to add any volume to your crown!
  • The Round Brush:Round brushes are perfect to use when you want extra volume and body. If you have gotten a blowout professionally done in the past you may have noticed that they always use this type of brush. So, if you are constantly blow-drying your hair at home definitely purchase one of these! Round brushes come in a variety of sizes, if you want the look of tigher curls choose a smaller barrel, if you want a straight but voluminous blowout purchase the larger barrel. You definitely want to own at least one or two round brushes to add bounce and shine to your blowouts!
  • Teasing Brush: Nobody likes having flat hair that is why the teasing brush is a necessity! This brush is made for teasing and will create texture which is perfect for any hairstyle. Purchasing a teasing brush that has a point-ended handle will also allow you to section your hair perfectly which is a total plus! If you are someone who has fine, fragile or damaged hair you might want to put your teasing brush away. Teasing your hair will just add more breakage so work on revitalizing your hair before using one of these!
  • Wide Tooth Comb:If you have just gotten out of the pool, ocean, shower, etc. then you want to be using a wide tooth comb to tame your wet hair. Wet hair is probably the most difficult to manage, your hair is also more likely to break when you brush it while it's wet. That is why it is very important to be as gentle as you can on your wet hair. Using a wide tooth comb and starting from the bottom working your way up will cause little damage to your hair!
  • Detangling Brush:You can easily recognize this brush because it is sort of shaped like an egg. The detangling brush is designed so that removing knots and tangles is much easier and a lot less painful! If your hair is knotty using this brush will prevent less damage and breakage. Most of these brushes can be used on wet and dry hair which makes it a perfect beach bag essential! The detangling brush is perfect to bring with you when going to the beach or pool this summer!
  • The Rat Tail Comb:The rat tail comb also has a point-ended handle which can be used to section your hair with precision giving you the perfect part! You want to use this for backcobming which can add volume to your hair. If you don't own the teasing brush this comb is the alternative to use!


Choosing the right hairbrush is easy when you know your hair type and style! Try out any of these brushes/combs and let us know what you think!